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How we think about your benefits, we want to make your life better and easier.

Stay healthy and safe from day one with:

Stay healthy and safe from day one with:
  • Comprehensive Health plans: We offer three (3) different unique com rehensive medical plans for you to choose from.
  • Dental & Eye
  • 401K to keep your retirement plan healthy

Benefits that last for 12 months – even after a typical 13 week contract

24 Hr Road Side assistance for 12 months

Credit and Identity protection and monitoring

24 Hour tech Support

On some contracts we can provide housing and everything else you deserve; Rent, Utilities, Furniture, Sheets and all the other necessities…pizza cutters, microwaves and wine bottle openers are of course necessary!

  • Weekly stipends and per diems’ options are always available for you as well

How we handle Compensation & Reimbursements

  • Weekly Payroll
  • Expense Reimbursement
  • Per diems
  • Expense Reimbursement
  • Housing Stipends
  • Continuing Education Support

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*Some contracts we are not able to provide company paid housing…don’t worry though, we can still throw in the wine bottle openers for free!

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Providing the best clinicians for

Acute Care Hospitals

We serve facilities that need specialty nurses on a per diem, travel, locums, local, and permanent basis for hospitals, clinics, government, and military facilities, group practices, community health centers, and correctional facilities.

Allied & Pharma Services

From Case Managers to Certified Occupational Therapists, we provide accredited clinicians for permanent, traveling, temporary, and per diem positions, along with a wide array of practices areas.

Physician Practices

Our team has access to specialty physicians to help grow divisions and meet the contingent labor needs of your facility. Whether you're looking for wound care professionals, radio-oncologist, neurosurgeons, or pediatric orthopedics, we have the necessary resources and tools.

Q & A

Have questions about travel nursing? We have answers from other travel nurses!

What are the requirements for becoming a Pulse Travel nurse?

You need at least two (2) years’ recent experience in your specialty. In addition, you’ll need active RN license, references, copies of certifications, etc.


What kind of lodging do you provide for your travel nurses?

On some contracts we can provide housing and everything else you deserve; Rent, Utilities, Furniture, Sheets and all the other necessities…pizza cutters, microwaves and wine bottle openers are of course necessary!

On some of our travel nurse contracts we are not able to provide housing but instead provide travel stipends. Speak with your recruiter for additional details. Our team will make every effort to accommodate you.

Do you offer referral bonuses bring in new travel nurses?

Oh yea!! For each travel nurse who we have not already worked with we will pay you a referral bonus anywhere between $500 - $3,000. Your recruiter can provide you with specific details!

Do you pay for me to get to and from my new travel contract?

Absolutely. We reimburse mileage to and from your home and the city where your contract is.

How often are your travel nurses paid?

Every week.

Do I get paid for orientation?

Yes…you deserve it!

Can I travel with my pet?

We wouldn’t leave home without ours! A lot of our travel nurses bring their favorite friend with them. It’s best if you speak to your recruiter up front so that the appropriate arrangements are made in well in advance.  

Nurse Licensure Compact Changes Frequently Asked Questions

The Nursing Licensure Compact (NLC) is an inter-state agreement that lets nurses have a single license but practice in different states, which are part of this agreement. It was first developed in 2000 but is now getting a makeover. On January 19, 2018, the improved nursing compact states enforced an enhanced version of the agreement. For instance, the NLC did not need nurses to undergo a federal and state fingerprint-based criminal backgrounds check. In the new agreement, this will be a requirement. This new agreement will enhance healthcare in compact states. Here is a bit more on the eNLC for 2019.

How Can A Nurse in A No-Compact State Access A Multi-State License

Only the nurses that declare LPN compact states will be able to use the license. However, those that are not part of the nursing compact states 2019 list can still apply for a license by endorsement in the compact states. However, the license will only work in the state. For you to be eligible, you will need to apply in each of the nursing compact states 2019 individually.

Where Is The Application Located And What Is The Application Fee?

Use the nursing compact states list 2019 state board for the nursing application via exam or endorsement. This is located on your state, nursing site. The fees vary from state to state. If you are a resident of a given state that joined after January 19, 2018, and you have a single state license, then you can complete your application for the multistate license on the BON site. The states that joined after January 19, 2018, are GA, FL, WY, and WV.

How does the eNLC pertain To the APRNs?

The eNLC pertains to PLN and RN licenses only. All APRNs need to have a state license in the state of their APRN practice.

What Are the Nurses Grandfathered In The eNLC and what is the Implication?

Nurses in the nursing compact states 2019 list, who were part of the original NLC might be grandfathered into the eNLC. The nurses who had multi-state licenses on the eNLC starting on July 20, 2017, in the previous NLC state can also be grandfathered. To check where you are allowed to practice in multiplied states, you can follow these steps:

Visit and go to Nursys QuickConfirm

Search for your license number, name, or the NCSBN ID

Press “View Report.”

On the new page, press, “Where can the nurse practice as an RN and/or PN?”

If you do not own the multi-state license and you wish to change your license to a multi-state license, get in touch with the BON. They might need proof of residence such as the driver’s license before they issue you with the new license.

What Are The Requirements Before Moving To Another State?

For non-compact nurses, they have to apply for endorsement in the compact state. For those moving from a compact to a non-compact state, it is their duty to apply for endorsement in their new state. The former NLC license now becomes just a single-state license. It is their job to notify the BON of the former state about their new residence. When shifting to a new eNLC state, they have to apply for licensing by endorsement. This can be done after they move and there should not be any delays. They can continue to use the license of their former state.

How Will Compact Work For Those With A Military Spouse Or The Military Members?

A nurse who works in a remote nursing compact states list 2019 and are in the military may practice using their single state license issued by that state. He or she does not have to get a multistate license from their home eNLC state. A nurse that works for the military and holds a multistate license form their state of residence may not hold a single state license in the remote NLC state. The multistate license allows the nurse to practice in any of the nursing compact states. For those whose spouses and nurses, they may change or maintain their primary state of residence at will. If they decided to maintain legal residence in other NLC states and have a multistate license and a military spouse in the other NLC state, they may practice under the home state license from other compact states without needing to get extra licensure on other states.

What Is The Meaning Of The Primary State Of Residence?

For the purposes of the eNLC, the primary state of residence is not in any way related to ownership of property. It has to do with the status of your legal residency. Each one has legal documents like the voter’s card, driver’s licenses, federal income tax return, or W2 form from the primary state of residence. If a nurse has a compact state as their primary state of residence, they are eligible for the multistate license. If a nurse does not have a compact state as the primary state of residence, they cannot get the eNLC license. They may, however, apply for a single state license.

The Difference between a Multistate License and Compact License

There is no real difference between these two terms. These terms are used to reference interchangeably in reference to the eNLC license. They are used to allow a nurse to use just one license to practice in all LPN compact states that are part of the eNLC agreement.

What Happens When You Shift To Another eNLC State?

When you relocate to nursing compact states 2019, you may apply for licensing by endorsement and complete the Declaration of Primary State of Residence form inside the application. The application is located in the BON site.

You can begin the process before or after you move. It should not be delayed once you move. However, there is no grace period. If you are from a non-compact state, you need to apply in advance of your move. You will receive a single state license or the application will be held until you offer proof that you have moved into the new state legally. Then, you will get the multistate license.

The above facts should help you understand the enhanced eNLC agreement for 2019. However, you can also seek clarification if there is anything that is not clear to you in any way. This way, you do not end up paying unnecessary fees or having the application delayed because of one or two clumsy mistakes that you might have made in the process.

If you wish to gain more insight into the eNLC or any other changes that might affect those that are in the healthcare sectors and the facilities, you should send an email to You may also decide to call us at (888) 234-3706. Additionally, you may opt to visit WWW.PULSECA.COM where you will gain useful insight into any new requirements or agreements that might have an impact on your career.