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We Care For Our Employees

We Care For Our Employees
Pulse Clinical Alliance, LLC

How we think about your benefits, we want to make your life better and easier.

  • Stay healthy and safe from day one with:

    • Comprehensive Health plans
    • We offer three unique, comprehensive medical plans for you to select one.
    • Dental & Eye
    • 401K to keep your retirement plan healthy
  • Benefits that last for 12 months – even after a typical 13-month contract

    • 24 Hr Road Side assistance for 12 months
    • Credit and Identity protection and monitoring
    • 24 Hour Tech Support
  • On some contracts we can provide housing and everything else you deserve; Rent, Utilities, Furniture, Sheets and all the other necessities…pizza cutters, microwaves, and wine bottle openers are of course necessary! *

    • Weekly stipends and per diems’ options are always available for you as well
  • How we handle Compensation & Reimbursements

    • Weekly Payroll
    • Expense Reimbursement
    • Per diems
    • Expense Reimbursement
    • Housing Stipends
    • Continuing Education Support
Pulse Clinical Alliance and Travel Nursing

Have questions about your benefits? Contact us today!